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This is a very interesting building

Wow!  We just entered a whirlwind!IMG_1426 (1)

During the last 10 days, a building that would suit our church to a ‘T’ has come up for sale in Rzhyshchiv.

For many years, I’ve downplayed the idea of getting a church building.  I’ve been aware of several potential dangers we’d have to look out for if we get a building and they have kept my enthusiasm in check.  These last few days though, for the first time in the life of our church), I realized that I felt open about getting one – this one. As I have prayed and thought about it and talked with people, the desire has only grown since then.  So I surmise that it is finally time for us to move on this.

Here are the details:
* 600m² building (the property looks as if it’s about 80m x 40m)
* Has it’s own well, gas and good electricity
* Wood furnace and heating all round the building
* Lots of territory for parking/playing/more buildings if need be.
* Built as a school back in the 1920’s – solid structure with thick walls and a good roof.
* Used in more recent years as a sewing factory.
* The owner closed the factory two years ago.
* If you’d like a very basic YouTube walk-around: search for “Church Building Rzhyshchiv” and “Church Building Rzhyshchiv 2”

We know of no land down-town like this for sale. If we “could” find some land in the centre of Rzhyshchiv this size, we would likely need to spend about $US30,000-40,000 for the land and then put a building on it (something this size might cost US$70,000-100,000 to build).

Plans for this size building would of course be to use it for different church meetings.  In addition to that, we would develop one end for a ladies rehab centre.  We would like to start a preschool in the main area and hopefully a Christian school in a few years.  There are a number of smaller office rooms in the building that we would use for storage and other general needs.

The building in the lower right corner of the picture is a little two-room cottage being used as a guard house right now.

Yesterday, we went to Kiev and met with the owner and her brother.  Apparently, she asked her brother to help her sell it, but didn’t tell him the price she wanted.  He didn’t know what to write there, but for some reason set it at $40,000.  I managed to see this price while the ad was still up and before they relisted it at US$55,000.  We called them, explained who we are, and said that we would like to meet if the price was $40,000.  She agreed to meet… and to cut a long story short, was fascinated at what we were doing and said that she wanted us to have the building and would sell it to us for our price.  Wonderful!

Our church has about US$1000.  If you would like to contribute towards this project, it’s a pretty exciting one for us and we will gladly accept help.  The price is absolutely incredible. 

It will be a big responsibility but a wonderful blessing for our church family.  I’m not a big believer in thinking that a building is the secret to successful evangelism…  but we will also use it to do that, no doubt, through different outreaches.

Natasha, the owner, has given us a month to come up with the money.  It will be fun watching God provide.

Danieljgollan@gmail.com is the address you can contact me on.