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Quiet Rzhyshchiv


It’s 9:30 in the evening and, yes, it has been another eventful day for Ukraine. Many missiles fell. At least a couple flew over Rzhyshchiv, speeding westward; but as we’ve believed since this war began, it would be extremely surprising if a missile was aimed at our little town.

I was talking with someone earlier today and said that I didn’t know of anyone in Rzhyshchiv who felt fear for themselves this morning. “Concern” for those further afield, yes; but not fear for our own safety. We are in a nice, quiet, comparatively-safe town.

And to continue with the rational, pragmatic thinking: It is impossible for Russia to continue this sort of bombardment daily. We shouldn’t think that more of this WON’T occur, and perhaps be even more successful in taking out strategic infrastructure… but the “savagery” God allowed this morning will dissipate now for a time.

We are well. Elle is home from her time in the U.S., (and has returned the computer I can use to post to this blog). She felt like her time there was good but is thankful to be home again.

Pris is busy loving the many people she loves in the many ways she loves them. I’ve often thought that God gave me the perfect wife for the road he had planned for my life.

We continue the trips north to help those who suffered loss because of this war. Of recent weeks, I’ve been going up to Borodyanka, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZbggSYTLR4), with two or three men to help Tanya with rebuilding her home. Tanya’s home is further down the road that the drone footage shows in the video. The Russians tanks drove into the town and pretty much indiscriminately shot at houses on the way in. The houses all around her suffered damage too – but because of sheltering in her cellar, she and several others survived that shocking moment. The added bonus in helping here is that Tanya Beloshapka has a heart to love and serve in the Name of Jesus… and Bible studies will continue to occur in her home going forward into the future.  It’s a privilege to help.

imageThe Bible study group gathering in Noviy Bikiv, the town we’ve been visiting for the last several months, is going well. Here’s the latest pic…  God has been speaking to these people and it’s wonderful to see!

We’ve been getting a lot of new people at church. It shouldn’t be surprising. I noticed that on Sunday, we were maxing out our seating again – not the worst problem a church can have. Actually, on the subject of “worst problems a church can have”, today we took the final step in an extremely painful process of calling a brother and sister to leave sin and come back to God. Sadness was so heavy on my heart… it surprised me with its pressure. Platitudes like, “God hasn’t finished with them yet,” and “if they are God’s children, then He will draw them back to himself,” don’t do much for me. These poor foolish people are sowing the wind, hurting 100’s of people, dishonoring the Name of Jesus, and ultimately disdaining something holy. God will always be glorified, but I sure feel the tragic nature of the deliberate steps of His children towards evil darkness.

We are still expecting “our refugees” to come in a week or two. If we end up getting the 50 that we were asked to take in, it will change the dynamics of our church quite a bit. May God give us wisdom.

We had a baptism Sunday a week ago and it looks like we shall have another on in early November.  It will be cold, but celebratory none the less.  Taras, (in Ukrainian colors) and “Big Sergei” have both come through rehab and are ready for the next step.

I am back to posting in YouTube again should you choose to have a listen. Do a search for “Dan Gollan”.

Thanks for your prayers for us during this unique time. Christians all over Ukraine are sharing the hope of the gospel message with people. Pray more than anything else, that God will have mercy on the souls of those whose sense of security has been taken away and imagewhose hearts are open.