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Last night

Last night in Ukraine for two months…

Tomorrow we travel by road to Moldova, then fly to Istanbul, then Kuala Lumpur, then Bali, then Brisbane.  We’ve said our good-byes to people here, expecting and hoping that not much will change over the next two months.  We will be a few weeks in Brissy, then go down to Sydney for a few, and then spend the last one up in Brisbane before the wedding of “little sister Esther” and Tony.  Strictly speaking, surely it can’t be more full than life has been here for much of the last year.  But we do have a desire to renew friendships and spend time with loved ones and say thank you to several churches while we are back, and I know that we’ll be nicely busy. 

We’ve made it through a year of war… and the blue and yellow flag is still flying high.  Ukraine has truly proved itself to be just as full of surprises as Putin has…  and we’ve given Him some nasty ones that he won’t forget easily.   

Keeping it to just one paragraph:  The war has been a blessing to us.  We’ve known God’s presence in a special way.  The common enemy has drawn us all closer together and opened doors for the sharing of the gospel.  (Interestingly enough, we hear that some churches have grown while others have dwindled down to basically nothing.)  God has called many to Himself through this war, and that is something wonderful.

We continue to do YouTube updates.  I think that until this war ends, most of our updates will occur there rather than here in this blog.

“Dan Gollan” is how you will find us on YouTube.

Thank you again for your prayers, love and support.  Knowing that so many people were praying and helping has been an enormous encouragement during times of intense pressure.  Thank you.