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What a beautiful and heart-wrenching day Sunday was. 

We made the decision to send the mothers with small children and foreign ladies west.  I won’t go into the reasoning behind that, but will say that it was possibly the most emotionally inciting decision I have ever made.  On the way to church, we stopped off at this beautiful spot and said our good-byes.  Beautiful and painful.

Pris and Elle have spent the last couple of days at a refugee camp in a small town about half an hour away from a major city further away from the action.  I’m hoping that they will be able to come back in a couple of weeks… that would be an ideal scenario.  But God will have to work on the king’s heart so that he withdraws his troops first or do something special so that they are pushed back.  We shall see what eventuates.

I am going to be posting here less and less for a while.  If you would like to be kept abreast of what is happening, look up “Dan Gollan” on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG8Lji2myP1bLZDxcW5CInA) and “Elizabeth Gollan” (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2yfysOActuimUchMvzVIRw).  Elle will only be able to post tomorrow I think as she and Pris and Cheryl are not in a service area.  I understand that one of my responsibilities in God’s kingdom right now is to post so that you “prayers” pray more relevantly and with a greater understanding of what your brothers and sisters here are going through.  You cannot understand just how much your prayers mean to us right now!  It is incredible!  And we have seen how God is using them and revealing Himself in very special ways!  Hopefully you are encouraged in your faith to love and sacrifice for those around you as well.  May God be glorified.

Last night, we only had 3 people in the church building.  We shall see what today brings… but many of the fleeing people are no longer stopping here.  They are moving further west as Russia gets closer.  We are handing out food packages already and plan to start serving soup and tea next week downtown.  Perhaps God will choose to use that to awaken dead hearts to the ultimate spiritual reality… please pray for that.

I was talking with several ladies last night about fear.  A couple of them feared that one of the rockets flying over us will change trajectory and fall on them.  The chances of this happening?   .00something%.  How often do I needlessly allow fear to take up dwelling in my heart?  It happens.  But when it happens, I have this habit in which I choose to simply remember who God is.  He is loving and strong to the nth.  Those thoughts don’t usually immediately take away all fear… but they put the situation back in proper perspective – a very healthy thing for me.  And I am able to continue to serve and love properly… something that logic says is a killer of fear.

Family of God:  Keep praying.  Keep holding up those holy hands of yours.  Fulfill your role in this battle. 

May God have mercy on Ukraine.