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What an incredible memorial to the men who died during this revolution!  Jesse and I estimated that there was upwards of 200,000 flowers spread out over the whole area at different places that the men had been killed.  Most of them were on the street pictured below, recently renamed Avenue of the Glory of the Heavenly Hundred.  Tears were being wiped from eyes as people walked around the barricades still in place from those infamous days.  There is no longer any threat from riot police, yet the protestors stay, many of them for the obvious reason that the justice they were seeking has not been carried out.  No doubt, others stay simply because they don’t know what to do now.  For many, the “enemy” has disappeared.  Yet the frustration remains.  I didn’t see anywhere near as many protestors as were there about a month ago.  But there is no doubt that their presence is still felt.