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Max and His Lomka Part 2

pashaaHere’s something for you to think about:  Right now, we have four people “on staff” for the rehab ministry.  Pavel and Mitya are the main leaders.  Without their time, love and gifting, we would have a very different looking ministry!  Olya has been doing incredibly, looking after the ladies centre part-time while Marie has been in Australia.  Olya and her one-armed husband practically have an open house policy and the lads are often over there eating or just hanging out.  It’s lovely to see.  Tolic also serves part-time at the men’s centre as well as encouraging the guys who have come out of rehab and are working.  He’s a teacher by gifting, who understands the hearts of people… I’ve noticed he has a heart full of grace.  olya and Igor

Pavel is being now supported by three couples - AUD$158 per month.

Mitya is being supported by two couples - AUD$250.

I heard last week that an average bloke in Rzhyshchiv expects to earn about AUD$500 a month.  Minimum wage is about AUD$320 a mityaamonth.  Pris and I have been lifting the support of these guys to about AUD$350 a month each.  (For Pavel, needing to pay for gas/electricity and feed his family, it’s been real hard.)  We have also been supporting Olya and Tolic.

Olya receives $200 a month and Tolic receives $120 a month.

Actually, Olya’s husband also serves out at the rehab centre just as much as she does, (3 days a week)… when his work schedule allows.  (He doesn’t get support for that though – he is thankful to just volunteer.)  Olya is six months pregnant and will take a break for a few months from the end of March.  She will see how things go with a newborn… but right now is thinking she will be able to again serve later this year.  Pasha’s wife, Marina, also goes out to the ladies centre one day a week while Pasha looks after the kids.

I’m pretty sure that there are some other couples/individuals out there who could help with this, and so put the question:  Would you like to sacrifice for the Lord’s glory by helping to support these special people who do what they do in order to love and serve the Lord?  We would sure appreciate it.  And I believe that these four servants of God are worth investing in.

You can contact me on danieljgollan@gmail.com if you would like to love in this way.