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Elle and the Day Care Centre

imageHello dear friends!

This is Ellie.

What a month we have had with our day center kids! It has been encouraging, discouraging, and such a privilege to be an influence in the kids lives.

A couple weeks back one of the parents in the church noticed that Masha, who is four,  (ice skating girl in the photo below), had a head full of lice. Upon later inspection we found that three of the kids in total have or had lice. It was a huge deal for the parents in the church who have girls with long hair and finally it was decided that we would have a few lice treatment days at the day center. Those were busy, but fun days. We ended up washing all of the kids' hair.  They all felt like getting a hair wash was super special, so we did them all. (I love how much they appreciate the simple things in life.)

On another note, we share a meal with the kids each day of the day center, and before we eat we always pray. These precious kids are really talking to God. About a year ago when the day center had just started we would take turns praying and often we would try to pray simple prayers such as, “Dear God, thank you for this day. Thank you that all seven of the kids have come. Please bless this food to our bodies. Amen.” When it came to Vika’s turn she would take a few nervous breaths and then start, “God, thank you for these children. Amen!” As time has passed each of the kids has grown in their prayer life. Now when we pray several of us pray before the meal and they all consider it such an honor to get to pray for something. I also noticed that some of them actually seem to understand that they are speaking to ALMIGHTY God.

imageThank you so much for your prayers. If you want to pray for certain kids here are some names -

Kristina is 12 and extremely smart.

Vika is 11 and we especially pray that she would be able to learn to read.

Vlad is 11 and a bright light, he has a very kind heart.

Natasha is 11 and always has a sweet smile to share, she really struggles with math.

Illya is 7, and is a ball of energy.

Masha is 4, and is very shy.

May each of you have a blessed month.