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A day in Kiev

It is Wednesday morning 7:11.  The guys are praying upstairs without me and I don’t mind a bit.  Interacting with others right now is something I don’t mind skipping or at least having in small doses.

Gav took me to Kiev yesterday.  (Thanks, Gav.)  Had an MRI done on my head, which indicated that I’d had a stroke.  A Dr., who seemed to feel that looking people in the eyes was impolite, showed us on the MRI a part of my head which had a darkened patch on it which he said was either a blood clot or thickened blood. 

We took the MRI to the doc who had seen me last Friday and walked in on a class of students.  She used me for a live example.  It was amusing.  She confirmed the news, and then said that I’d need to 1.  have complete rest for 7-10 days, 2.  stay out of the sun and not do any strenuous physical work for the next three to six months, and 3.  take medication.  The only thing I heard was no work for three to six months.  Yikes. 

In an hour or so, I have a neighbour coming to give me two different drugs through a drip for 40 minutes.  The drugs are meant to work healing on my damaged brain… if I understand it correctly.

I’m still talking slow and stumble over words.  My coordination is not crash hot, either.  It is assumed that if I take the medication, those things will improve again over time.  How much time?  Not sure.  For some reason, I expect that it will be a few weeks.  I’ll keep posting.  Time is something I have right now.