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A day in Kiev

It is Wednesday morning 7:11.  The guys are praying upstairs without me and I don’t mind a bit.  Interacting with others right now is something I don’t mind skipping or at least having in small doses.

Gav took me to Kiev yesterday.  (Thanks, Gav.)  Had an MRI done on my head, which indicated that I’d had a stroke.  A Dr., who seemed to feel that looking people in the eyes was impolite, showed us on the MRI a part of my head which had a darkened patch on it which he said was either a blood clot or thickened blood. 

We took the MRI to the doc who had seen me last Friday and walked in on a class of students.  She used me for a live example.  It was amusing.  She confirmed the news, and then said that I’d need to 1.  have complete rest for 7-10 days, 2.  stay out of the sun and not do any strenuous physical work for the next three to six months, and 3.  take medication.  The only thing I heard was no work for three to six months.  Yikes. 

In an hour or so, I have a neighbour coming to give me two different drugs through a drip for 40 minutes.  The drugs are meant to work healing on my damaged brain… if I understand it correctly.

I’m still talking slow and stumble over words.  My coordination is not crash hot, either.  It is assumed that if I take the medication, those things will improve again over time.  How much time?  Not sure.  For some reason, I expect that it will be a few weeks.  I’ll keep posting.  Time is something I have right now.


I went and had lunch with

I went and had lunch with mum yesterday and we had lovely pea and ham soup.
Kez was there with the girls she is looking very well.
Qld won the origin and it was a tough match for all.
How is everyone else over?
Learning to cope with everything new on these computers.
I have come through another time of being unwell myself as you know.
Your mum always said this too shall pass.
Lots of love