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The Brain is Fascinating

About an hour ago, Angie fell off her bike!  She was riding down the hill and doesn’t remember what happened.  In fact, she doesn’t remember what day it is nor that she has asked about 30 times so far where Elle is and has no recollection of receiving an answer.  It’s a natural conclusion that she knocked her head.  Any second now, she’ll ask what day it is.  Yep.  Next it will be, “Where’s Elle?”  Slowly the brain will piece things together and realize it is stuck in a circle.  Ha!  Here we go again.  Fascinating.  She knows the name of her choir teacher, but can’t remember that she’s asked what day it is… again. 

Priscilla is rejoicing.  Today she finally got a mulberry tree planted near the clothes line.  It has been grown by a friend and will have three different colour mulberries growing on it.  She’s thrilled. 

This weekend, we’ll be taking a group of young people out to the island for a sleep-over and wake-board for the brave.  The mornings are cold already so it will be interesting to see who can overcome their whimpiness.  I only think I’ll be able to.  IT’S COLD!  We’ll be challenging them to repent and trust in Jesus.  You might like to pray for them and us before Friday.

I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks examining the question of whether God ever hates.  It is without question that He hates sin.  But does He hate the unrepentant sinner?  We looked at the subject tonight at Bible study and some people found it strange to even consider the possibility.  After all… God is love and tells us to love our enemies and to do good to those who hate us and despitefully use us… surely he doesn’t hate anyone! 

Well… several hours later and Angel still had empty slots in her memory.  She finally stopped asking where Elle was only when Elle came home.  I expect that the pressure will have eased and she’ll be right again tomorrow.  If not and she doesn’t show improvement, we’ll take her into Kiev to the hospital.  Ugh.  I love Australian hospitals… absolutely love them. 

Not sure how this happened, but yesterday’s post didn’t get uploaded. 

An update on Angie…  She’s doing better.  We kept on checking on her throughout the night in case there was a slow leak in her 13 year old head which would show itself in pupil dilation or nausea or disorientation… but she was fine.  Thanks again, Lord.