Greetings during this celebratory season!

Hi, and greetings to you during this celebratory season! We are well, enjoying life’s challenges and… right now, cold to the bone! I’ve been outside today and what with the wind blowing and the temperatures hovering around 0ºC, shivers are the go! The snow is beautiful though!!! Full update in the attachment below.

Ukraine June 2007

G’day, howdy, and zdrastvi! Life continues at what would be apt to term a terrifyingly merry pace. I remember the “gravitron” amusement park ride. Ukraine had the old soviet equivalent still rotating just a few years ago and I couldn’t help but wonder what quality metal had been used and how rusted it had become over the years as we spun at pretty wild speeds around a center. Anyway… forget the illustration. We are “flat-chat” in what I feel is getting a bit too close to “over-busy”… but it sure is a lot of fun!

From Dan & Priscilla

Here I sit on the edge of a fog-choked valley overlooking Rzhishchiv and I can’t see a thing. The day started clear and then just got foggier and foggier as it progressed. Beautiful!! We have just traveled back from a trip to see Priscilla’s parents. This sight of the rising sun caught our attention early this morning so we stopped and got all cold for a few minutes as we took in the beauty! Our weather has been peachy the last few weeks. No snow!! We’d hoped for weather like this for a couple of projects that we have going on (children’s room for when the church gathers here as well as the hothouse out at Ulyaniki). But we didn’t hold out much hope of having this sort of weather two years in a row! We are thanking the Lord.