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Ukraine Putin Russia

0-02-05-e689821699e5624ac5932b60711b02de5b267ebd3c91170e7b147026f86fecc1_133f5d5b5e26cd2cA lot of people have been wondering how we feel about the potential of the coming invasion….

“Russia is going to invade Ukraine. This is a certainty.” (At least, that’s what is repeated by numerous people who have been given good “air-time” by the media.)

What are our thoughts?

Well… not wanting to make this a boring geo-political dissertation by forcing you to wade through all my hack reasoning; I’ll just say that I think it highly unlikely that Russia will come all the way to our small town… and I lean in the direction of them not invading at all.

We all see a lot of flags pointing to some sort of military action by Russia… the obvious conclusion is that either Russia is threatening the western world or Ukraine is going to come under the hammer.

At this point in time, Pris and I have peace from God about staying. We haven’t started stocking up on supplies and don’t feel the need to at this point. (I guess this is also a sign that we are decently confident that a major invasion won’t take place.) We understand that the American and Australian Embassies have pulled their staff from Ukraine and have recommended that their citizens leave the country asap... but we are banking on this likely being simple geopolitical theatre. The next couple of weeks should be telling.0-02-05-766e9e2ee8da92279219461187457d1f68c4aef45813013949c31eeb1c0cbbcc_71d18d2afce493e4

So, we pray for peace in Ukraine while being confident that God always has absolutely perfect reasons for everything which occurs in His wonderful but fallen world. Meanwhile, we will continue to do what we are called to do and love, disciple and enjoy “the redeemed” of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We’ve had a wonderful time with our family over the Christmas holidays going into January. Our two eldest daughters have gone back to Australia and Jesse, Daniella and Quintus are staying on here with Pris and Elle and myself. We had fun and special times together and we will miss our two girlies.

We have two full rehab homes right now. We are just about to move two more men into the adaptation stage where they will do repairs on the aging adaptation house and go back for visits to the rehab homes for a couple of days a week. Then after a month or so, they are expected to look for work in the community. May God give them mercy and keep them faithful.

Last week at church, I looked over the smaller-than-normal group that had gathered, (a lot were home sick), and realized that over half of us were former drug addicts. How would you feel if you were to go to church next Sunday to that? I dare say you would be intrigued by what God was doing! I feel as if despite the occasional disappointments, I am blessed to be given the opportunity to love and be loved by these guys.0-02-05-f00705e69c668f043627b5398b76419fc53556b1ceacdcc2bb89d6e754b86c5b_632239a384a8fd1d

I don’t normally make lists like this… but we would be thankful if you prayed for these four things:

1. Wisdom as I oversee the work many special people are involved in here and, (along with these people), love and disciple those connected with our church

2. The health of Jesse, our son, who is staying with us and who is fighting a 3-years-long battle with a pretty serious health issue

3. The continued work on the church building, (which is already being used 6 days a week)

4. Wisdom as we talk with people about the major issues we continue to face here, (in particular, Russian troops at the borders)

May God bless you!0-02-05-4506c21401ab7f405973799c00473f0dc741f362f92fbc3b181e2f059dd952ef_e3cb0775f512fa8c