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Slower than I thought

Well… that took longer than I thought to get this picture on here.


Autocratic men in Iran are frenziedly talking about how to minimize the fallout from the world discovering it shot down an airliner.

Brave men and women in Australia are discussing how to protect 1000’s of houses from bush-fires.

Careful men in the Philippines are making hurried decisions about protecting millions of people from a major eruption of the Taal Volcano.

Dangerous men and women in America are always making decisions about how to keep the world generally balanced. 

Egregious men in Ukraine are figuring out how to use the loss of the airliner to their advantage.

Flush men all over the world in their decked-out studies are trying to decide if Bitcoin is the con of the century or not.

And here we are… little unimportant men and women making little decisions… who are loved by our Father God and who likely differ from most of these people in that we care deeply about the glory of God.  May your decisions glorify your God, little man/woman!

Talking about decisions…  I need to make a number of them.

1.  How specific to go when formalizing our church statement of faith and beliefs

2.  Issues regarding the new building: 

  • Heating,
  • We need to remove some walls and redo floors,
  • We need to decide whether we should continue to rent or instead purchase the land upon which the building sits, (right now we rent it for about US$3500 a year),
  • A sound system needs to be chosen,
  • We need to figure out how best to build a ladies dorm in the building.

3.  I need to know how to wisely love a brother who is not in agreement with me on the issue of  membership, when to “excommunicate”, baptism and when to forbid a person to partake of the Lord’s supper.

4.  The details for:

  • A parenting conference,
  • A week-end for couples,
  • A new ministry to children of families in crisis,
  • And a host of other lesser tasks all need wisdom.

May God be glorified as decisions are made!

IMG-3298 (2)Pris and I low-keyed our 25th Wedding Anniversary this year.  Considering that we got married in Australia on December 30th and then had another wedding ceremony in Ukraine on the 11th of January… we normally have a bit of a choice concerning which date we celebrate.  This time around, the days surrounding those two dates were just a bit too full though and instead, we will go away for a night in a week or so.  Let me just say here that from my perspective, Priscilla is the most precious gift that my Father in Heaven arranged for me.  I married my favourite girl and God has so enriched our marriage over the years as we have loved Him and each other.  25 years have been so packed full of wonderful experiences and I can’t imagine how the next 25 could be better… may they be even more glorifying to God though!  (She’s a pretty one, isn’t she!)  tolic studying

Two of our young men are studying in Bible College/Seminary right now and from all reports, both are doing real well.  Tolic has just complicated his life up nicely though with a fiancé.  I’m happy for them and will look forward to a wedding a bit later on this year.  He made sure he won a prize for “impulsive” though!  The first day he met her in person, he asked if she would marry him!  The other student, Ura, is also heading in the same direction as Tolic… albeit a touch slower.  May God lead and bless!