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Rehab centre


This is Pavel (left) and Denis.  Pavel is a former “businessman”.  He has a fascinating story.  His mother became a Christian a number of years ago, and then, after several years of being involved in the dark world of politics and money, he also became a Christian.  He was a part of a group of men who discipled him well and got him into ministry to addicts.  He ended up serving in a rehab centre and he has been doing that for the last three years. 

We got to know him about three years ago when he came down to visit his mother for a few months.  We enjoyed each others’ company and kept in touch even after he left to go to the rehab centre to work.

Several months ago, he married a nice girl and they are expecting a baby in four or five months.  We’ve been talking about opening a rehab centre in or near Rzhyshchiv and we both feel like the time has come to make the move down here and set something up.  It’s a bit scary, but we’ll be trusting God for strength and wisdom and everything necessary for these broken men to be helped and discipled. 

Denis, (36 years old), is a builder who became a Christian a little over a year ago.  He wants to work part time and minister part time with the guys who we take on in the centre.  Being an alcoholic himself and having benefitted from the ministry of the church to alcoholics, he’s keen to give back.  I liked his enthusiasm.

There is still discussion going on now whether we will take on former soldiers (who Pavel insists are just about all alcoholics), or men who’ve been alcoholics for a number of years already. (Apparently the two groups don’t mix.)  We’ll be deciding over the next couple of weeks which group to take in.  Either way, both Pavel and Denis will be a large part of this ministry.

I’ll write more as details come together.