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Misha i Butilka

IMG_6558It’s 11:00, Sunday night.  I just got back from a trip out to the rehab centre.  This one was a fairly unusual trip.  We made it because of a concern that perhaps Misha was looking to do drugs.  The concern was needless, but I’m glad we went out.  We talked, read the Scriptures and prayed together – it was good.

Things are going along nicely.  Misha is putting his heart into getting the centre ready for other men who come.  He’s showing a real sense of responsibility and is a good encouragement.  He is writing verses on the walls of the centre to remind him of God’s presence… I like seeing that.  He found this big bottle of homemade alcohol in the attic hidden away…  we had to take a picture.

Today a lady from Australia informed us that she would like to give some money towards the rehab centre.  She gets the honour of being the first to give and it was a great relief for us all.  In fact, I shouted out a loud “hooray” when I read the letter!  IMG_0265 (1)

We have a vehicle!  It’s wonderful.  It’s quiet, comfortable, spacious, and will be economical as soon as we put a gas conversion kit in it – hopefully next week.  We ended up getting it for a great price, which is also nice.  It’s a Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon, 2006 model, with a good rep in Ukraine as a 7-seater low-budget four-wheel-drive vehicle.  We are thankful and grateful and will “celebrate” this special gift by driving down to Kaniv with the girls and finding a little cafe in which to order borshch and fries.

Spring has arrived and with it, the daffodils and tulips are in full bloom.  Ahhh… I love tulips.  Vivid and varied colors… I understand the Tulip mania which occurred back in the 17th century in the Netherlands during which it was reported that such prices as 12 sheep were bartered for a tulip bulb.  12 sheep seems a bit much, but hey, they are definitely a classic example of something beautiful God has gifted us with.  We have a vase-full in the middle of our dining room table. 

I’m due to go into Kiev Wednesday to speak with a JW who seems unusually open for a Jehovah’s Witness.  Pris met him in Kiev last week and got into conversation, during which he asked how we could confidently know truth.  Pris suggested he meet with me and we have plans to do that in a cafe somewhere.  If you wouldn’t mind praying about that, I’m sure those prayers wouldn’t go amiss.  “Oleg” is this young man’s name.

We feel blessed to have the opportunity to be here and to have our lives enriched by so many people who love the Lord God or are attracted to Him.