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I am sitting in Bruce and Deb’s lounge-room with about 20 other people, and if I’m right, we are all at various stages of becoming uncomfortably hot.  There are eight students here from the tech-college enjoying their first experience with a “kinect”… if that is what it is called.  We just watched a message about the size of the earth in relation to the sun and a few other stars and marveled that God would think about us.  All but one of the students don’t yet know Jesus personally, so it was a great subject… which Bruce followed up with a challenge to get to know Him personally.

The camp last week was tops.  32 guys went away to a camp up near Chernobyl.  I felt like God blessed a lot.  We are writing a newsletter which we’ll post out if we can get our comp and printer fixed after the power surge of last Friday.  Actually, we’ll post it out even if we don’t get them fixed, but it will be later rather than sooner.  :)

Here’s a thought which has kept cropping up in my mind the last few days.  If Jesus was to appear in the flesh before a group of us, what would be the reaction of different people and what would be my reaction?  I thought about it as I read the story of Bartimaeus this morning and then again as we began to sing praises and worship God.  You got time to think about this?  If Jesus were to appear in the flesh when you are out tomorrow, what would be your reaction?

OK… night over.  Everyone is going home.

Enjoy life!  Live it with Jesus.