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I like Zoom

The leftovers after Sunday church during the COVID-19 blessing:IMG-1212

As we well know and often forget, there are many times in life when we suffer loss and end up being blessed. The story of Abraham and his nephew on the mountain just before they separated affected me a lot when I was a child. For some reason, the lesson really drove home to me that not all that looked good was beneficial and not all that felt difficult would result in loss. As per Romans 8:28, God blesses His children - no matter what things look like or how we feel about the blessings. And so, taking these “things” into consideration, I’m happy referring to COVID-19 as a blessing.

Zoom. I like Zoom. Admittedly, we are only three weeks “in”… but I think most people have enjoyed the novelty, the randomness of the breakout groups, and at least being together like this. Ukraine seems to be lagging behind much of the world in terms of numbers of infected. I’m guessing we have at least another month of no church meetings… maybe more. The COVID-19 stats on Ukraine are very “vanilla”.

Max prayed a prayer of repentance this week and it looks like he put his faith in Jesus. He’s taken longer than most to get to this point, but hey! He’s there! Mitya was saying that it seems as if he has a peace now that wasn’t there before. May God continue to have mercy on him as he grows in faith.

I just printed off a number of different Bible verses for the lads to memorize. I’ve seen lot of people read and even memorize God’s Word resulting in no discernable spiritual development. Their souls have not been purchased by IMG-1192God. However, I know that to the one who loves God and continues walking in submission to Him, hiding God’s Word in our hearts can only result in blessing. One aspect of our men’s home that I love is that the men get soaked in God’s Word daily. It’s so good!

Dima is doing well. He’s spent just about all of his adult life in prison, (26 years out of 47), which leaves some deep scars on a man’s soul… but he is now pursuing God… and cooking for the guys. I went there a few days ago to find him home alone, cooking and listening to a sermon, (a healthy choice). The other men were down the street cleaning up and cutting firewood. I asked him where he’d rather be... and he answered, “Well, someone has to cook, and I guess it’s nice when the guys say that the food tastes nice… but I’d much rather be outside working.” It’s a good sign when these guys voice their desire to work.

Pris is enjoying the discipling times with the ladies. Of recent days, they have been looking at the connection between worry and lack of faith/trust in God. I was encouraged as I read some of their testimonies last night. God is at work in their hearts!

Every now and again, I remember the millions and millions of people around the world whom God is leading “back towards Eden”. We will never reach the perfection that Adam and Eve experienced, but our praise-worthy God is surely changing us into the likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Am I growing in Christ? Am I giving God more glory than, say, 5 years ago? To Him alone be glory, yes! And an enormous group of people all around the world is being changed, just as those ladies are being changed. To me, that’s impressive.

IMG-1105I’ll sign off wishing you many moments of being impressed by our God!