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How important is safety

This morning, I reluctantly admitted to myself that in my thinking, I’ve tripped into the territory of now expecting a major invasion of Russian troops into Ukraine.  There are just too many unique signs in place to continue to treat the events as purely a show of strength by Putin.  Astoundingly, it looks as if he has elected to throw the dice on being able to take and hold what he takes with justifiable losses.  (I say that and pause, again scarcely able to believe that I’ve said it!)

If this does happen, then it will naturally present great opportunities for us to give God glory.  But it will also cause a lot of darkness, upheaval, and suffering.  We are willing to have some temporary darkness in our lives so that others can “see a great light”.  It would be wonderful if many here got a glimpse of the glory and holiness of God because of these painful events and worshipped Him.

We are planning to continue to minister to the men in rehab, the kids from the crisis families, the general church family, and our community.  Depending on what exactly Putin has in mind… we will open up the church building to displaced people, (as we did nearly 8 years ago when the conflict started).  It could be a fascinating opportunity to love.

If Putin takes the crazy step of moving on Kiev, there is also the likelihood of basic supply lines being cut and infrastructure failing in our area.  If this happens, things will get very interesting.  The likely breakdown in law and order will affect us all.  And it is possible that foreigners will be especially targeted by the new authorities and by the lawless.  I don’t expect fighting in the streets of our little town… but I am considering sending Pris and Elle west when Shane and Jemi and Cheryl leave.  (Prayers for wisdom would be appreciated about this – it’s not a simple decision!)

The experts predict that Russian forces could be in Kiev within 48 hours of the initial attack.  (I draw a blank on what to expect in terms of a return to normal life if this occurs.)  “The biggest mobilization of troops in Europe since WW2,” (repeated by numerous analysts), sounds ominous.  And if war does break out, a whole lot of human suffering will likely occur before we return to normality.

We’ve been asked by a few people so far how they could help.

Please pray that your brothers and sisters in Ukraine, and especially in Rzhyshchiv, would trust in the Lord and look to love and sacrifice for Him so that His Name is lifted up.  It would be so easy to only look out for our own interests.

Pray too for wisdom for us as we make decisions and live as examples to our spiritual family here.  (I’ve learned that strong trust in God during times of suffering and loss is often like a trumpet blast.)

If you would like to know how else you could help, send a reply to this address: danieljgollan@gmail.com  I’ll plan to get back to you by Sunday evening.  We have some hopes and plans for Monday and Tuesday that you may be interested in hearing.

IMG-2098I married a uniquely special girl and have one precious daughter still at home.  They, like millions of women throughout history, definitely don’t warm to the thought of war in our backyard.  Here are some thoughts from Pris…

Priscilla hereHow many, many times over the years that we have been serving God here, (as an extension of you), have I thanked Him for your care and prayers, (especially)!  I’ve also thanked Him for your trust in us with your finances that have enabled us to stay here and serve so many people.

As you pray now, pray for me and others in our church family who, from time to time, feel the adrenaline of uncertainty regarding the impending invasion.  Jesus says: “Come to Me… and I will give you rest;  Take my yoke upon you… and you will find rest for your souls.”  Pray that we, (that definitely includes me), would not be afraid but that we would act with strength and wisdom and courage.  I would rather stay here to hopefully be a useful instrument for the LORD, but if He asks that I leave Daniel, then pray that He will help with all those decisions, too!


The most important thing?  To give God glory!