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SergeiWhat a welcome back!  Sergei is one of the students we hired at the work site, (on the left).  He was one of the guys who heard a lot of God-talk, but whenever approached, never wanted to talk about his standing with God.  Last Sunday, Kolya came up to me after the teaching time and said that Sergei wanted to talk.  We went into my office and he said that he had decided to believe in Jesus.  I cheered!  We took 30 minutes to go through the precious truths and then he prayed.  I actually think he entered the kingdom during the week, but it was still good to hear him pray.  Kolya is so enthusiastic about God!  Igor, (looking at the camera), was also instrumental in Sergei’s salvation.

Yesterday, Jesse, Marie, Broderic and Jemi went out onto the river.  I followed them down in the car a bit later and joined the 40-odd ice fishermen crouched over their holes before trooping out into the Wet Jemimiddle of the river.  The fun occurred when Jemi fell through.  I still hadn’t caught up with them and saw it all from a distance; but Jesse and Marie were quick and dragged her out amid much concern.  The troop home was a cold one for her though… and for Marie, who had seen fit to give Jemi her dry boots!  Glad to still have a Jemi-girl above the ice!


This week-end, about 15 people are going to a city near Chernobyl to fellowship with a much loved church group there and will receive some teaching from a visiting American.  We will still meet here, albeit with a reduced number, and make less soup than usual. 

We have decided to hold a café-night once a month after another successful night with the subject of “love and marriage” last Sunday.  The other three weeks, we will hold some sort of youth meeting.  I am in the process of deciding where exactly to use my time in ministry this year.  There are a number of “givens”, but I need to know whether or not to give a lot of myself to the work God seems to be doing amongst the students or to encourage others to do so. 

Done! Blog #2 uploaded with photos, and, Tim’s advice notwithstanding, coloured text.  (Tim generously hosts our webpage and helps with questions and problems.)