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A Funeral

A Funeral – the ultimate reminder to us that the devil won a battle. 

There is a big difference between theology and philosophy.  You don’t want philosophy at a funeral.  You do want theology.  People benefit greatly from hearing truth about God’s Word and His wonderful character at a funeral – the ultimate reminder that the devil won a battle.

Q.  Who is God?

Answer:  Loving, kind, wise, patient, comforter, all-knowing, all-powerful, creator, sustainer, our Father… the one who lovingly allowed the Fall to occur, resulting in funerals – the ultimate reminder to us that the devil won a battle.

Q.  What does God’s Word reveal for us that is pertinent at funerals?


1.  God is loving, kind… etc.

2.  The man who trusts in the Lord will never be put to shame.  The man who seeks the Lord finds Him.

3.  God knows what He is doing and doesn’t see the death of His children as a tragedy.

4.  Our security isn’t in the life we live here or even in the love we share with others.

5.  In the light of eternity, the length of our lives here, (be it 10 years or 80 years), is as a drop in the ocean.

6.  In eternity, God won’t be judging the Christian based on how many years he racked up, but on what he did with those years – who he was.

7.  We are not as those who have no hope.  We have the most wonderful hope available to man – that of being at peace in God’s presence with “pleasure forevermore”.

O death, O grave, your sting and your victory has been nullified for us, God’s children!  And so, you two weak brothers, we ridicule you with these words, “Victory through the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior!”  Ladies and gents, the greater battle we didn’t have to fight.  Jesus fought it for us… and very dramatically won.  And so I say…  A Funeral – not just the ultimate reminder that the devil won a battle, but also a reminder that God chuckled last.


Today, we buried the body of Oksana, a young lady and dear friend from Kaharlyk who came to the Lord soon after her sister did way back over 15 years ago.  She leaves behind her husband, sister and many close friends who will one day join her in a spectacular eternity.