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JesseI am always fascinated by crowds.  Crowds at team events are even more fascinating.  The passion shown by the fans is incredible.  For many their sport fills the “God-shaped hole” in their lives, and truly they are worshippers to admire and pity!    Admire – because of their dedication; pity – because they settle for a counterfeit god.

Jesse and I went to the Manchester City – Dynamo Kiev game last Thursday (got home too far into Friday) with a group of guys from the church and Igor, a friend who I pray is not far from the kingdom of God.  Personally, I found the actual event… fine.  In spite of having played the game in my teens for four seasons, and refereeing the game, and living in Eastern Europe  – I don’t feel that much of an appreciation for the game.  Pity really.  The crowds though…!!!  What entertainment!

This past week has seen us witnessing the demise of a long winter.  Last week, –10.  This week, +10.  The river has been un-iced, and the ground is… an earthy colour!  We all went outside Saturday afternoon and did a bit of a clean-up of all that the white snow conveniently hid so well. 

School has been ratcheted up a notch as the kids realize if they want to finish before the school holidays have ENDED, they will need to spend more hours on the books.  Today, Jesse and I were mucking around with factoring trinomials and something to do with partial products.  I’ve decided that Algebra was never meant to be touched after the 12th grade!  Sigh. 

This week was filled with bits and pieces.  We are preparing a series on “parent raising”.  We also spent time planning the next couple of months for the church.  I’ve spent more hours than I planned or expected this week trying to fix our dishwasher.  This was not one of those times when all it took was a loose wire reconnected!  We finished watching “Little Dorritt” with Jemi, a series based on book by the Mr. Dickens.  And we got together with various people in the church and enjoyed being together again.

IMG_01421-1024x682The “Mayak” (lighthouse) Café/Family Center is coming along nicely.  I mention this so that I can also mention that there are a number of items we need to be purchasing over the next couple of months and the door is open for those wanting to give.  (Drop me a line if you’d like more info.)  Here’s a photo of the main building.

Pris is doing well settling in.  The thought occurred to me that she might actually be making me less responsible by looking after a VERITABLE HEAP of things in addition to putting forward suggestions or comments that get me thinking!  : )  What a lady! 

We are about to head into a series on “mission” as a church.  Sunday, I raised the topic of fear and how it can often hold us back from being/doing all God wants us to be and do.  I don’t believe in giving fear a lot of “heart-time”.  God wants us to discover or perhaps “rediscover” courage. Our mission, as men and women purchased by Christ, is to.


It's interesting reading and

It's interesting reading and catching up with what you guys are up to. Hope the kids managed to finish school before the holidays finished first!

Well done on the attempt of factoring with partial products though! I am a maths teacher (and hence know the joys of maths after yr12!) and i understand how difficult it can be -- good luck!

Anyways, just wanted to drop a line and say hi. Look forward to hearing more about how Mayak is going along!


Pleased that Jemi is warm

Pleased that Jemi is warm now - sisterly love to share the dry shoes. I enjoyed watching Little Dorritt recently too. So excited re the new saint, Sergei and your faithful helper Igor. Bless you for leaving the comfort of Aussie land to share with the folk of Ukraine. Thinking of you all. The Weibs Tribe xx