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Doctors and Cars and Picnic and Mushrooms and Mother

Well this has been an interesting day!

We just got back from a trip to the doctor in Kiev. Pris has had several rough months with her chronic neck/arm/leg pain. We decided to try again to find a solution and approached a few different doctors… ultimately today ending up with the man who we hope will be the best man for the job. In consultation with a neurologist, the neurosurgeon decided that the degradation in Priscilla’s neck is such that she needs to be operated on soon.

We go in again on Monday to hear some more details about that and maybe even get things moving before the end of this month. Thankfully, we have complete confidence in the perfection of our Lord’s will, but would also appreciate prayer for wisdom as we make decisions on Monday. If you join us in praying… thank you.

clip_image002clip_image004Pasha bought a couple of cars just south of Berlin today. He also put down payments on two others. I told him before he left that if we got a cabriolet, we would both put our sunnies on, turn the music up and cruise through the streets of Kiev looking like two cool drongos. I laughed when he showed me this car…. A beetle cabriolet, even if it is black, is a bit too feminine for any dude to look cool in.

The two cars in the first picture are the two needing the least attention… and will go on the market immediately.

We will finally meet back in our building this Sunday. I’d be interested to hear the opinions of Christians around the world regarding the blessings, (if any), they noticed from not meeting together with other believers for worship in one place…

We really enjoyed our “back-together-picnic” last Sunday. The weather was peachy. We had good fun playing different games and sitting around chatting.IMG-1385  By the end of the day, most of the church had turned up and I’m sure anyone walking by was fascinated by our service in the field.

We have an old friend coming back to Rehab tomorrow. He and his wife were with us for a couple of years but left to go back to their old city after finishing rehab. I don’t know what his future holds, but if God gives him the grace to repent and be renewed in his mind, I would love to see him stay here… for a long, long time… stretching into forever. He’s not slept in three days because of drugs and his mind is barely able to focus. He is travelling by what we call “Bla Bla Car”. (A driver collects several passengers from a point in one city and drops them off in another city – several hours away.) Our tired friend has to call me from Kiev and somehow get to the bus station from which busses leave for Rzhyshchiv, (that will be a fun challenge). From there, I can talk to the bus driver and arrange to pay the fare when they arrive in Rzhyshchiv. I don’t look forward to meeting him… but do look forward to God healing his heart once again. May it happen!

IMG-1384Who likes mushrooms?  The lads are gathering these right now like they’re gold.  And these particular ones are actually quite valuable.  A couple of hours gathering reaps them a day’s wage.  And what they don’t sell… the poor sods then eat.

My dear mother turns 70 in a couple of days. 70 years… of reading God’s Word, walking in fellowship with Him, loving others in His Name, and giving Him glory. Hm… Nice work, gracious Lord! Thank you for such a mother.  And thank you that she didn’t make me eat mushrooms.