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May08 Ellie
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photoAnother major celebration of “The Resurrection” goes by.  There has only ever been one like it in the history of the world.  Planned, predicted, executed by God while alternately dismaying, surprising, and delighting men… this was arguably the most important event in the history of man.  Jesus was dead; in a strange sense, killed by the hands of every sinner who repents and puts their trust in Him.  But He rose from the dead, thereby revealing some rather important and beautiful truths. 

Jesus is God.  And last Sunday we let our voices spread over the expanse of the Dnepr River below us and loudly proclaim that our God is risen!  “Kristos Voskres!”  It was a good morning for the 20 of us who gathered to remember the event that happened at dawn in Jerusalem a little less than 2000 years ago. 

We gathered, sang a couple of songs, prayed and read the victory story then as the sun peeked over the horizon I gave three resounding “Kristos Voskres-es” and received in return three “Voistino Voskres-es”.  Then we enjoyed coffee/tea and buns and muffins while we stood around the fire and enjoyed the beauty.  It was a perfect morning.

photoWe met at 15:00 for a picnic at our usual spot.  About 60 people turned out which was a lot of fun.  Two families whose girls come to Friday night’s joined us with their kids and some hangers-on.  We actually wondered if we’d bought enough meat, but as it turned out, that was a needless worry.  We’d expected 40-odd.  It was nice looking over our group spread out eating and talking together. 

When I was 7 or 8, I remember Graeme Murfett donning a coat covered in lollies and running around at a church picnic in Oldina, Tasmania.  We enjoyed it back then.  On Sunday, the kids absolutely loved it – and the adults only a little less.  The smiles it brought to the faced of everyone was well worth it.  Thanks, Graeme.

I knew I was coming down with something before we went to the picnic and the little run with the kids totally sapped my strength. :)  This flu is something special!  It basically knocks it’s hosts out for a couple of days before hitting the lungs and throat.  It seems to nearly disappear after a week or so and then come roaring back again. 

It is Friday morning, and I’ve decided that my body will hold up to camping with the students on the island tonight.  About 20-25 of us will head out and “open the season”.  I think about half will be Christians.  We’ll no doubt enjoy relaxing and drinking in the beauty of the Dnepr… even if it rains!  It will be a cold night though and that part of it, I’m getting too old to find enjoyable!