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May08 Dan and Pris-800
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Alyosha Kurilko


Alyosha Kurilko, husband of Natasha and father of Lilya and Denis, just called.  Natasha and her kids were here for the evening and she took the call. 

He and his fellow soldiers were on their way to support a position in Piski, (located slightly to the left of centre in the photo).  The airport you see on this Google-maps image no longer looks like this.  It is under snow and is a bombed out wreck from all the fighting that has gone on for it’s capture during the last several months.  Alyosha said that they came under attack from artillery as they drove along the road just near Piski, and were hiding in cellars that they’d managed to find in buildings they were passing.  He’s in extreme danger and would appreciate our prayers. 

Thanks, on his behalf.