January 2009 Newsletter

Greetings! January 15, 2009

clip_image002Heard about Ukraine in the news recently? Heard about the gas problems? How does Ukraine do it? It seems to always find itself in hot water… or cold water as the case is right now. I understand that the Ukrainian government is keen to get the best deal for gas that they can, so they are holding out for that price until the spring when the prices are lower. Meanwhile, Russia incites the masses by saying Ukraine is stealing from the gas pipeline and Ukraine incites the masses by saying Russia isn’t pumping enough or giving them enough gas to operate the pumps so that Europe can receive gas. (Reminds me of poker.) The gas being pumped makes the house smell sometimes and doesn’t produce heat like last year. But even if the pressure is lower, at least we still have it! On cold days, Pris is very happy to light up the new wood stove.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

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August, 2008
Dobriy utra. Gospod velik i ya rad sluzhit emy!
Good morning. The Lord is great and I’m happy to be serving Him!

We have entered the middle days of summer and I love it! These temps (18ºC - 30ºC) are “Garden of Eden” temperatures. They are beautiful days on which to work, swim, play volleyball, camp, etc. etc… About the only negative I can think of is driving around in an overheating vehicle in Kiev traffic (which we did yesterday). We turned the heater on full-blast and just managed to keep the temps in the radiator below 100º.

The family is fine.

Strike a Light - May 08 news letter

Strike a light! Where did the last few months go! We celebrated New Year’s a couple of weeks ago, didn’t we? Without pontificating too much about how time has flown by, I must say that my age must surely be influencing the speed of time! Is there another explanation?