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Meeting ID: 872 3576 0724


Should you choose to join for a Zoom meet up… we will be zooming at 19:00 Brisbane Time (11:00am Kiev time).


Perhaps I will see you there…

A beautiful Sunday


Occasionally, I start a letter or a sermon or teaching with “God”.  It just seems right.  I don’t need to say more about Him… just mentioning Him is enough.  But I do it anyway.  God is holy and almighty and faithful and loving.  Not all is beautiful and not all is honorable and not all is pure, but all is according to His Sovereign will and will glorify Him throughout all eternity.  Those old truths are remembered and stated here only in order to give Him the honor and glory due His Name during this incredible time.

I’m home, clean and ready for a nap.  My exhaustion pales into insignificance compared to that of the boys in the hot spots.  Please pray for Andrei who is on the front line in Kiev.  Pray too for Sergei who will be guarding strategic positions in a city about an hour away from us.

(Here is our sign showing the way to our church where there is accommodation.)

If you would like to tune in to a live feed, my youtube channel is live feeding something pretty much 23 hours a day.  Look for Dan Gollan and go to my channel.  The latest live feed will likely be visible.

Here are some things we are asking you to pray for:

1.  For the hearts of people all over Ukraine who know of the Lord Jesus Christ but do not worship Him.  This time will humble many proud hearts

2.  The active search for food of just about any form is on.  Pray for Mitya, a young husband in our church who is going to be our “head-hunter/gatherer” as he looks for stocks and tries to buy bulk.

3.  For a trip to Kiev that I will make tomorrow to pick up people who've been in bomb shelters for two days and who might be able to make it to a pick-up point under the most southern bridge in Kiev (if curfew is lifted at 8:00am).  It won’t exactly be the safest thing I will have ever done.  But I suspect and hope that it won’t be the most dangerous either.

4.  People are grieving and scared and traumatized like they've never been before. We have a lot of mature Christians here who are loving in Jesus' Name… in wonderful ways.  Pray that this would yield fruit in our lives and in the lives of those without Christ. 

5.  During times like these when people make big sacrifices or take big risks in order to love,  glory is often stolen from Almighty God.  Pray that this wouldn’t happen, please.

To God alone be the glory!



Live feed

If you would like to follow more closely what is going on in our little town, you can do so on this live feed on YouTube:


ukraine – YouTube


We will try to keep it up all day.