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I didn’t preach on Sunday and took the opportunity to sneak away and grab a side-shot.  I think we’ll end up keeping the set-up this way rather than deep and long.  I reckon we’ll be able to take at least one of the pillars out as well and hold the ceiling beams up with a few heavy-duty beams.  Today, we ordered a chimney for the fireplace we have.  Our ladies will really appreciate it when we can get that going! 

The electricity is back on in the ladies rehab centre and we are so thankful to the Lord that this little adventure is over.  Pasha drove into our regional electricity offices this morning and very politely informed them that they were wrong about us reconnecting the wires without permission.  He also informed them that the law states that they may not disconnect anyone’s electricity on a week-end.  After some umm-ing and ahh-ing, they said that they wouldn’t fine us, but to get the wires connected we would need to pay a US$30 connection fee.  It really went against the grain to agree to it, but it went more against the grain to go through the rigmarole of going back and forth to court over the matter over several months with no electricity in the ladies centre!  We thanked the Lord for a quick resolution!

Do Problems Come in Threes

pashafunApparently, scientists have found the reason why problems "come in threes"!  They don’t.  Finding patterns in life makes us feel more secure though.  So we see often see things where we want to see them.

Sometimes “bad things” come in twos, sometimes in ones.  Today though for us, it was FIVE in a row, one after another.

At 9:00, Shane and Jemi let me know that they had just discovered that their temporary residency permits were due to run out and they didn’t have enough time to renew them…  a money and time consuming process requiring a trip to Poland!

At 9:07, Shane said that they had had bad news about  the building of the youth centre and discovered that they “basically can’t do anything much”, (legally/morally), in order to solve the problem and he doesn’t see their way forward on

At 9:12, we heard that mum broke her shoulder while gardening and was in the hospital.


IMG-0224It’s been a while since I wrote something here.  It’s kind of a weird task… I don’t know who reads these notes.  Do 10 people read them?  100?  I do know that some of the traffic is somehow automated.  How much, I guess I’ll never know.  I look back and see that a few of the posts were opened over 30,000 times!  Who reads them???  I have been told that it’s difficult to read what I write.  I don’t know how much of that is due to the mixed up synapses in my brain from living in a Russian/Ukrainian speaking world and how much is just my unique way of communicating.  Either way…  for those who find it difficult: my apologies?

I “went dark” for two months.  There was no good reason.  I did wonder if I would hear from anyone asking about the reason why…  People are way too polite these days!  Today we rather forcefully suggested to one of the guys at rehab that he needed to walk in the light rather than in the darkness.  Where do we trip and fall?  It is when we aren’t walking in the light of God’s Will/Word.

All Done

It’s 13:00 on Saturday and we have finished the signing of documents.  There were only two small hiccups in the process.  One was strange.  We discovered that Priscilla’s tax-file number has her middle name spelt incorrectly.  They decided that this wasn’t a serious problem after a discussion.  The other problem was the fact that a big transformer for electricity is on the property, but not listed there as a structure.  Weirdly enough, we ended up convincing the government official that it shouldn’t be listed as a structure… and the sale should go forward.  It took about 15 minutes of discussion before she folded!

Post-sale, we walked around the building a bit to make sure everything was there that should be there.  I’ll go back in 30 mins. and some of the men and I will tidy up a bit for tomorrow when we will meet there as a church. 

Here are some of the photos you might find interesting from today…

I saved Jesse’s Christmas present to me for such a day as this.  There is no better drink on the planet.

Our little bank was packed out with about 20 people in line when we walked in to pay the fees. 

The office where the paperwork was done.  The lady on the left complimented Pris by telling her she knew right away that Pris was a Ukrainian.

We went from that office straight to the building.  How much will the Lord be glorified here?

The trees out the front will provide shade for us tomorrow as we picnic and celebrate.