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What does it mean when one of the best doctors in his field in Ukraine says he can’t find anything that would be the cause of the stroke and I can resume life as normal?


1.  The doctor is missing something.

2.  The doctor is lying.

3.  The doctor is correct and either God has done a miracle (possible but unlikely)                              or there really was nothing permanent that is the cause.

I would naturally prefer #3 to be the case. 

We went in yesterday morning – Pris drove to the edge of the city and then we took the metro to a stop close to the Hospital of Neurology of Ukraine.  We hopped into a taxi driven by a talkative chap who informed us, before wishing us good health, that times were bad and he often earned in a couple of hours of night work what he earned all day driving around.  But the passengers!  And the ladies were the worst now.  But I digress…

We saw another neurosurgeon who sent us with our MRI’s to a specialist for a second (third in this case) opinion.  They both gave us the “all clear”. 

Next step:  Visit the first neurologist with the opinions of the others, and see what he has to say.  We’ll also probably go ahead and get my heart checked out properly as some irregularities came up in a couple of the tests that were done. 

Meanwhile, I begin to have more strength in the limbs and notice improvement in speech.  It feels good.

Thanks, Gav.

What a day!  We left early for Kiev to make a 9:00 appointment with a cardiologist.  Gav again took us in his little Kangoo – one of the last trips we’ll do together before he leaves Ukraine. 

The Dr. did a cardiogram which came back clear.  He said that I really should drink more water – nothing Priscilla hasn’t mentioned many a time.  : )

Then we did a Doppler neck ultrasound.  Clear, except for some arrhythmic heart beats (I think that means heartbeats that are out of sync), which we should look into later.  This test took ages.  I’m used to ultrasounds for pregnancies being 10 minutes or so.  This seemed to take about 30.  It took so long, I was getting sure that he’d found something to bother him.  Not so.  At least, it didn’t bother him much.

Next, we drove across the city and had an appointment with another doctor for an echocardiogram.  Clear; but she also noted an arrhythmic heart beat and some valve thingy.  Nothing critical though. This doctor did the test unofficially and it was expected that we give her some money as a thank-you.  We did gratefully. (To read more, click on the heading.) 

The Wedding and Screaming


Here’s a photo posted in honour of a new family.  All went well.  Pris and the kids and I went down to School #1 for the ceremony which was very nicely conducted by Sergei Susidko.  Lena and Sergei were much like any other young couple getting married – slightly nervous and excited.  Pris and the kids have gone on down to the reception now, from which I’ll “wisely” stay home.  

As we stood up the back, I said to Vlad (of court-house fame) that I’ve had just about enough of care and concern.  He rightly informed me that it is just people showing that they “love”.  (Must watch my attitude.)

A funny thing happened to us last night.  I woke up to Priscilla screaming.  Now, Pris doesn’t scream… particularly not at 11:30 at night!  We aren’t sure of the sequence of events, but she screamed and I grabbed my pillow and waved it through the air above her.  I suspect that I waved it in the air first and made her think that someone else was in the room.  But I could have done it immediately after she screamed?  Anyway… that scream woke me up good and proper… we chuckled about it for a good few minutes.

Today is a week since I started this relaxing stint.  Wow!  It’s gone slowly.

Another day... another needle


Luba is a great neighbour to have when you get sick.  She worked as a nurse for 20-odd years and has the skills and the sweetness to make the process of getting intravenous drugs as good as it could possibly get. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her over the course of the hour it takes to get the Ceraxon and Actovegin, (for those of a medical bent), into my system.  Actovegin, btw, is filtered calf blood!  Fascinating!

I’m feeling a bit better – more “with it”, I guess.  I’m still sitting/lying around a lot – 23.5 hours a day!!!  (Surely, I walk around the house for 30 minutes!)  I’m starting to get tired of doing not much… another week should be enough.  I certainly hope so!

I just called Lena and told her I’d be right to walk her down the aisle for the “Chaban” wedding.  I’d hate for the attention to be on me this Saturday – things should go smoothly.