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Is this normal


On Thursday, I picked up this poor bloke from the local petrol station.  He was coming down off a high, had lost his backpack and telephone in Kiev, had burnt all relationships with his friends and stunk as if he had not washed in a few weeks.  He was at church on Sunday and I asked him how he was doing.  His answer was, “mumble, mumble, mumble”… not a good sign.

He packed his things and left on Sunday afternoon… and got caught for pick-pocketing Monday morning.  If God chooses to have mercy on him, he will go to jail and find the Christians there.  The likelihood of that happening is slight though.  He was working with a cohort and that bloke took off with the wallet he stole.  So if he doesn’t come clean, the evidence against him is weak… and unless God has mercy, he’ll die of an overdose or something related soon.

The journalist who reported on it called him a “nedochelovek” (a subhuman).  I must admit, while he was here, there wasn’t much to like about him… but he is still a man made in the image of God and as such, we were willing to love him to see if God would have mercy on him here.  As it turns out, we cleaned him up for a few days so that he could go back to his old profession. Agh.  Thankfully, this isn’t normally the story of the guys who come… and stay for longer than a few weeks.

Slower than I thought

Well… that took longer than I thought to get this picture on here.


Autocratic men in Iran are frenziedly talking about how to minimize the fallout from the world discovering it shot down an airliner.

Brave men and women in Australia are discussing how to protect 1000’s of houses from bush-fires.

Careful men in the Philippines are making hurried decisions about protecting millions of people from a major eruption of the Taal Volcano.

Dangerous men and women in America are always making decisions about how to keep the world generally balanced. 

Egregious men in Ukraine are figuring out how to use the loss of the airliner to their advantage.

Flush men all over the world in their decked-out studies are trying to decide if Bitcoin is the con of the century or not.

A wedding


Disgusted - Discontented – Neutral – Contented – Delighted

We are “delighted”.  God has blessed our son, (and us), with a special girl and they will give Him much glory together.  The wedding was “real nice” and I’m sure God appreciated the ways in which many of those in attendance acknowledged Him.

Jesse and Daniella will finish up their honeymoon in January and return to Bible College where Jesse will continue his studies and Daniella will start hers.

We are back in Ukraine… in our perfectly cool house.  Tomorrow it will snow… and it will seem even cooler, but for now we are surrounded by drab brown colours everywhere due to the plus temperatures. 

Our trip back was comparatively uneventful.  We flew through China again and I wrote the following as we waited for our flight….

We arrived here in Guangzhou earlier this evening. There have already been a number of unique moments to notice:

Australia the beautiful


We are back in Australia – beautiful, unique, dramatic, friendly Australia.

This trip has a three-fold purpose.  See precious family again.  Celebrate the most excellent and beautiful marriage of Jesse and Daniella.  And visit with people who have supported the ministry in Ukraine to thank them and, in a small way, bless them.


We have definitely come back at an interesting time climate-wise.  The fires here have been termed catastrophic for a reason.  I read that since the beginning of October, 530 homes have been burnt in NSW, 16 in Queensland.  And the fire season is just starting.  Is God punishing Australia for recent laws concerning abortion and homosexual marriage?

There are a few things it may pay for us to remember when a subject like that is broached.