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The week has somehow flown by. 

There have been a number of interesting moments in it. 


Teaching Elle to read.  Pris taught four days.  During a Kiev day for Pris, I taught the letter “G”. 

Meeting with Sergei and Lena again.  It was just nice being with them as well as a privilege to communicate how God has blessed our marriage as we have followed His principles.

News of the week: Sergei chose to be baptized.


See past the ice… a young man is choosing to live a new life where Jesus rules! Wow!


Football fanatic? (click to expand)

JesseI am always fascinated by crowds.  Crowds at team events are even more fascinating.  The passion shown by the fans is incredible.  For many their sport fills the “God-shaped hole” in their lives, and truly they are worshippers to admire and pity!    Admire – because of their dedication; pity – because they settle for a counterfeit god.

Jesse and I went to the Manchester City – Dynamo Kiev game last Thursday (got home too far into Friday) with a group of guys from the church and Igor, a friend who I pray is not far from the kingdom of God.  Personally, I found the actual event… fine.  In spite of having played the game in my teens for four seasons, and refereeing the game, and living in Eastern Europe  – I don’t feel that much of an appreciation for the game.  Pity really.  The crowds though…!!!  What entertainment!

This past week has seen us witnessing the demise of a long winter.  Last week, –10.  This week, +10.  The river has been un-iced, and the ground is… an earthy colour!  We all went outside Saturday afternoon and did a bit of a clean-up of all that the white snow conveniently hid so well. 

GOD AT WORK? - click to expand

SergeiWhat a welcome back!  Sergei is one of the students we hired at the work site, (on the left).  He was one of the guys who heard a lot of God-talk, but whenever approached, never wanted to talk about his standing with God.  Last Sunday, Kolya came up to me after the teaching time and said that Sergei wanted to talk.  We went into my office and he said that he had decided to believe in Jesus.  I cheered!  We took 30 minutes to go through the precious truths and then he prayed.  I actually think he entered the kingdom during the week, but it was still good to hear him pray.  Kolya is so enthusiastic about God!  Igor, (looking at the camera), was also instrumental in Sergei’s salvation.<