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Urgh and Awesome

Angiography ahoy.  And I have no sense of my usual - “this sounds like an interesting experience”.  Instead I have an “urgh” reaction.  Angiograms test for blockages in the coronary arteries. 

We went into Kiev to try to meet with the neurosurgeon for a check-up.  We waited for about 2 hours for him to be free before the secretary asked us if we would like to see the director of the hospital instead.  We ended up talking with him for several hours.  He is also a neurosurgeon who is the father of the doctor we saw three months ago.  It was an interesting conversation and he seems like a man who knows a lot.  He said to get an angiogram.  So Monday, I head into the hospital to get one done.  It will involve having…  hey, if the details interest you, google it.  The simple explanation is that a dye is inserted into my blood stream which will show up clearly on an x-ray any problems with blood flow which could have caused the strokes.  Apparently, they will keep me in overnight.  That will be interesting.  Apart from being with Pris for her c-sections, I haven’t stayed overnight in a hospital for nigh on 40 years.  :)

A weekly gathering for prayer was held again this morning in the centre of town.  It is amazing for me to note how few people think it a good use of time to get up a bit earlier and pray with a few other people before the work day starts.  Today we picked Tanya up on the way.  She talks a mile a minute and is incredibly intense about most things.  Her presence immediately livened the party up!

Igor, Zhenya and Yarik


The Night the Rappers Came to Town

Sunday afternoon, I went down and collected the three rappers who we invited to “read” for us.  We brought them back to our home, ate lunch with them and then waited around until 6:00.  After watching them interact, I began to wonder if we’d made a mistake inviting them.  They were like teenagers on red cordial.

We left to set up at about 5:00 for a 7:00 start.  During this time, we visited the dorms and discovered that one of the technical colleges was having a long-weekend and only 5 students were in the dorms.  Most others had gone home and would be arriving Monday.  Whoops.  The other set of dorms was full though, and there ended up being over 120 students who came out.  I think I had about 14 guys crammed into the van on one of the trips down!

Deep Philosophizing

I am typing this to myself… kinda random thoughts… kinda like a page of nothingness to myself.

I want to learn to type fast, and accurately, so I decided to try writing a letter to Microsoft… cause I can’t find the disc to Garfield’s Typing Pal. I’d prefer to use that, but seeing as I can’t find the disc… this will have to do. I managed to find the case but not the disc. Garfield’s Typing Pal is a great program, it works you into the rhythm of typing quite well…The only thing that is hard to teach… is numbers and I’m still quite bad with them... if I knew my numbers, then I wouldn’t have to learn to type, because I am already fairly fluent in the “language” of typing. Watch this.

I can type really fast, really accurately, isn’t this cool? I’m doing it right now. It’s so much faster than writing with a pen, or pencil. I can type with my eye’s closed, like this or with them half-closed, like this, or half-open, like this, or even three-quarters open. I can also type with them one-quarter shut… like this. The only way I can’t type is with my eye’s totally open.  It wrecks my concentration… and I write quite well with them totally shut. I can even read with my eyes closed… I’m just like that guy in the book who loves green eggs with his ham. I can’t remember his name.

I think that in the future… pens will go out of style, in western countries… and that typing will become a must. Unfortunately, people do not regard typing as an art… simply as a means to get one’s point across… and that results in most people using abbreviations…and they look really ugly.

School is back

Following a false start to the new school year, the kids all get into the books today.  It is 6:45 and all is quiet.  The three girls are still in bed.  No doubt, Elle will be trotting out any moment.  The tummy-bug Pris, Angie and Jesse picked up has moved on and they are all back on their feet.  I noted that the reprieve was a welcome one.

The last week has been full of laying pavers for the lads and I.  It has been fun working with them.  I sure notice my lack of form though.  It became a joke when I kept on groaning as I got to my feet every time after 30 mins of being on my knees!  The ol’ bones ain’t what they used to be…  (Now where did that phrase come from?)

Kolya has moved in with us – not sure how long for, but it is a major family change for all of us.  Today, he goes off to the recruiting office to see if he has to join the army.  They summoned him not long ago so depending on your perspective, it doesn’t look great.  He could pay $600 to definitely avoid it.  But his conscience won’t let him pay.  He has a bum knee, so he’ll probably be rejected on those grounds, but nothing is definite here.  We’ve enjoyed having him stay and are hoping the army tells him to forget about army service. 

I’m due to go back to see the docs sometime over the next week or so.  I feel good so hope for a good report.