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I am “wifeless”.  On my way to visit the dentist yesterday, I found myself wondering how I would “cope” if Priscilla were out of my life permanently and not just for one week.  What a difference that would make!  I thought of several things that would have to change for me to continue to be decently useful in God’s Kingdom.  And I realized that in spite of the DEVASTATION the loss would cause in my heart, life would go on and I could continue to serve the Lord.  I also realized that because of Pris and the kids, my life has rhythm that to a large extent beats according to the tune of their lives.  “Wifeless,” the rhythm I have now would be so hard to keep!  I’m not often given to such introspection.  I know that I sure do love and appreciate the wife God has given me though!


Dentist…  I visited Vanya the dentist twice this week.  He looks about 17, but must be older.   Normally, I would prefer being alone during my dentist visit so the posting of this picture is something of an enigma to me.  With no exaggeration, I expect to need to visit another 10-12 times.  Ukrainian dentists seem to like bringing a patient in several times for root canal work.  I sigh…




First things first… feel free to click on the heading - “Cafe”.  By doing so you will be opening up the whole entry.




The week has somehow flown by. 

There have been a number of interesting moments in it. 


Teaching Elle to read.  Pris taught four days.  During a Kiev day for Pris, I taught the letter “G”. 

Meeting with Sergei and Lena again.  It was just nice being with them as well as a privilege to communicate how God has blessed our marriage as we have followed His principles.

News of the week: Sergei chose to be baptized.


See past the ice… a young man is choosing to live a new life where Jesus rules! Wow!