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School is back

Following a false start to the new school year, the kids all get into the books today.  It is 6:45 and all is quiet.  The three girls are still in bed.  No doubt, Elle will be trotting out any moment.  The tummy-bug Pris, Angie and Jesse picked up has moved on and they are all back on their feet.  I noted that the reprieve was a welcome one.

The last week has been full of laying pavers for the lads and I.  It has been fun working with them.  I sure notice my lack of form though.  It became a joke when I kept on groaning as I got to my feet every time after 30 mins of being on my knees!  The ol’ bones ain’t what they used to be…  (Now where did that phrase come from?)

Kolya has moved in with us – not sure how long for, but it is a major family change for all of us.  Today, he goes off to the recruiting office to see if he has to join the army.  They summoned him not long ago so depending on your perspective, it doesn’t look great.  He could pay $600 to definitely avoid it.  But his conscience won’t let him pay.  He has a bum knee, so he’ll probably be rejected on those grounds, but nothing is definite here.  We’ve enjoyed having him stay and are hoping the army tells him to forget about army service. 

I’m due to go back to see the docs sometime over the next week or so.  I feel good so hope for a good report.

Successful trip

 IMG_0858 It is now a week since we arrived back in Rzhyshchiv. 

We received our visa’s for three years.  All-in-all, the whole trip was marvelously blessed. 

We got tickets for the mid-day train from Krakow to Lvov, which got us into Lvov at midnight.  It is only about 400km, but the train travels slowly and at the border, a different gauge wheel base is put on our carriages, and that takes yonks.  The carriages are separated, then disengaged from the wheel bases, then lifted up, then lowered down once the new wheels are in place.  I took a picture of the Polish rail worker as he made the change for us.

I was glad to see our bus still where we left it as we came out of the train station in Lvov.  We had left it head-on to the roundabout just outside the Lvov train station and I wasn’t 100% sure I could trust the guys who were responsible for looking after parking.  I gave them $2.50 a day as “parking fees”.  It was nice to load our tired kids straight into the van for the 3.5 hour trip to Rovno.

Since getting back, we’ve enjoyed having visitors from Chernigov – Conner and Corrine and kids.  They serve the Lord in a church up there with whom we have had fellowship in the past.  It was good hanging out together.

Miscellaneous photos of the last few days

IMG_0849 IMG_0774 IMG_0801r-h-productions-the-cathedral-in-the-wieliczka-salt-mine-unesco-world-heritage-site-near-krakow-cracow-polandIMG_0854Read more

Application forms submitted

What a day!  I ran.  In fact, I ran more today than I’ve ran during the entire last year!  It felt real good once I’d gotten used to it. 

I went to the consulate this morning to appeal to the representative asking him if I could submit our documents this arvo, as we would only be receiving the letter of invitation after 2:00.  He said that would be fine but that they closed at 3:00.  At about 2:30, I was in an internet cafe when the letter arrived in our mail-box.  I printed it off and then took off running.  I found an old taxi with an old taxi driver who didn’t read the street name but looked where I put my finger on the map and said hop in.  I discovered that he couldn’t read maps, or had Alzheimer's.  He took me across the river before I definitely decided that he didn’t know a better way than I did.  I showed him again and tried to read the street name to him, (I don’t think he could read and the sounds of some polish letters I haven’t conquered yet).  He got me there with 5 minutes to spare.  The place was already closed.  Lights were off and the main door was shut.  Thankfully though, someone had not pushed it fully closed and the door hadn’t locked, so I walked in.  The young worker smiled when he saw me and told me that it would be fine and that I could submit the documents still and pick them up next Tuesday morning.  Super!!!  I walked out of there and threw my arms in the air sending praises to God as I walked down the road.

So, in spite of an oversight with our documents, we will only stay one extra night in Krakow, which won’t cost too much extra.