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Buy two freight vehicles and with the proceeds earned from running freight, support the rehab ministry in Rzhyshchiv

What we are asking for:

We are seeking US$28,000 for two vehicles, (a van and a small truck), and start-up costs

What we are offering:clip_image004

· The opportunity to invest in a financially-needy ministry that will grow, has been effective and with God’s blessing will continue to be exciting and kingdom building

· Quarterly updates about the business with an expectation of it being successful

· Regular updates about the lives of the men and women who have been changed by the power of the cross




Up until Saturday, I could say that I had never been responsible for running a funeral service - quite surprising, really, considering how many years I’ve been loving and serving God’s people.  On Saturday, a few of us gathered at the small Ulyaniki cemetery and buried Pasha’s brother.  Pasha first did drugs as a young child and ended up spending over 20 years in prisons.  His brother was a drug addict and ended his life by jumping out a window while high.  Actually, earlier in the week, a few of us went to Rovno to bury Igor’s brother – also a drug addict.  Both these men, Pasha and Igor, are walking with God and deeply appreciative of God’s grace and mercy to them.  As we contemplated the death of their brothers, we were reminded of God’s gift to us of more time in which to live for Him and glorify His Name.  But I can’t say that I greatly enjoyed these two funerals.

It has been a while

I was reading about John the Baptist this morning.  The bloke was arrested, imprisoned and kind of abandoned by Jesus, his cousin and Lord, whom he had faithfully served.  Then, still in his early 30’s, he was abruptly informed that he was to have his head cut off and that was that.  I find it fascinating that so many Christians, despite stories like this, refuse to give credence to the thought that God has the right to use our lives in whatever way He sees fit to bring about His will.  In fact, we should really want God to use our lives in any way He sees fit, even if it does mean suffering.  It sure goes against the pull of our natural “fleshly” inclination.  But when we understand this truth and live it, our lives shine very nicely for God’s glory.  So if I may be permitted:  Trust in God.  Trust God.  Trust in His perfection.  Be wary of caring too much about your own comfort/pleasure/health.  When you suffer loss, take a leaf out of Paul’s life and thank God for the opportunity of suffering for His glory.

Last night was the first real cold’un for this new season, (minus something).  I’ll forgo the privilege of using this update to have a gripe about the crouching big freeze.  We haven’t cranked up our faithful gas furnace yet… too expensive to justify the comfort.  We ward off the freezing with a few logs on the fire in our lounge room each morning and then a few more in the evening.  It’s a good system.

August 28

August 28th…  And another summer draws to an end.

I remember reading a Lawhead book many years ago in which the protagonist was known as “the Lord of the Summer Realm”.  I get how the designation is meant to praise.  Spring, (and the promise it brings of summer), and then summer itself are my favourite seasons.  Autumn and winter have their own attractiveness, but I’m not sure I’ve ever really “looked forward” to those months.  And now, at the end of summer, I again sense impending loss as I see the leaves browning and feel the cooler temperatures!  Time to take a trip to Australia for six months!!  :)  That’s actually not something I let my mind think too much about for fear I’ll desire it too much!


We’ve enjoyed meeting in our local hall during the summer for Sunday church.  Regularly, between 60-70 people have been gathering, which contrasts quite effectively with the 15-20 of a few years back.  We believe that a church makes a mistake if its main goal is to get a lot of people to the Sunday service.  And yet, when people are gathering to worship God and learn and fellowship together… it is a very healthy thing and it’s encouraging to see.  We trust it is an indication of spiritual health and faithfulness.